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Artistic Approach


Multidisciplinary artist, photographer, graphic artist, and lomographer Clemz enjoys exploring a variety of mediums. Most of his creations are the result of an instinctive poetic-trash expression. Clemz’s main preoccupation is not to bring out the best of the subject but rather underline the mood it evokes.


The use of Lomography is well adapted to his lo-fi aesthetic approach. Clemz chooses to work light years away from the current trend of hyper-perfect photography in presenting hazy images that are overexposed and badly calibrated. The essence of his work lies in this

counterculture photography that bears criticism of a society that strives for an unhealthy and rigid aesthetic perfectionism.


Clemz’s work often shows examples of an industrial influence. Often the framework holds a trash, broken or destroyed aspect likely coming from his affection for the common, the dirty and the rejected.

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